Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hop to it! The Supermarket's closing...

This was the scene in LeClerc at Loches today....

"That's the spuds sorted then"

And this was the conversation that was overheard:

Sparrow one: "But I thought that they had been re-named"
Sparrow two: "Yes... they should be called Prosper!"
Sparrow one: "It still says Stemster, though..."
Sparrow two: "Does it matter? They are the same potato..."
Sparrow one: "'Course it does.... it's confusing!"
Sparrow two: "How many are we getting then...? 
Sparrow one: "We don't eat potatoes!!"
Sparrow two: "But they're seed potatoes?"
Sparrow one: "Yes... but NOT BIRD SEED! Stoopid!"
Sparrow two: "That's the spuds sorted then... what's next?"

Sparrow one: "Wait! Where's the bird seed ....?"
Sparrow two: "Behind you... on the left... in those huge tubs!!"
Sparrow one: "We can't carry that!"
Sparrow two: "Perhaps someone will get one for us?"
Sparrow one: "Don't be daft... is there anything else on the list?"

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