Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thoughts from the back of the sofa

I'm on a 'regime' [diet to the non-french]...
The Staff and Staffette think I'm too heavy.
They've even nicknamed me "Oooof!" because the vet said that on picking me up... hmph!

I've noticed that they are putting less in my bowl... and more in my brother's.
Except for the crunchy... the biggest amount goes in my bowl... but I don't get a chance to eat it!
NO! They've obviously told my brother about the 'regime' because, no sooner is it served up, his head is in MY bowl and I have to walk round to his and eat what they've put in there.
Sometimes he eats his fill from my bowl and I can get my 'fare' share... except the Staff has been hanging around recently and picking up my bowl if he's left me any... 'snot fair, 'snot....
I feel hungry all the time!

And my brother eats those vole and mice things...
it's not as if he's going hungry...
and he weighs much more than me!!!

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