Thursday, 22 March 2012

Whose shoes?

As promised, I've been trawling through the staffs' collection of photographs on their outdated communications system and I found this beauty....
It is of the statue of Ronnie Descartes... he's meant to be some kind of pollygamist... or should that be polymath? Anyway, he was born in La Haye, just down the road, so they decided to rename the town Descartes.
Every now and then, on a Sunday morning, we get left here while the Staff [or both Staff and Staffette] go to market in Descartes.

One of them took this shot there... I don't know how long he's been standing around, but Ronnie is obviously ready for a change of footwear... I think the ones with the silver buckles will probably be a good swap for his fancy lace bows, don't you?
He does seem to be looking at those and not the others.... or being a great "Thinker" is he wondering "And what is 50€ in old Francs? How much?!!"
"Hmmm... fur lined boots... perhaps not... silver buckles or white pumps... I need to feel the soul!

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